Top android app Languages For Android App Development


Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives. These days, everyone is quite used to their phones, and no one can think of living a life without them. Undoubtedly this innovative invention has made our lives immensely easier if put to good use. In the same way, several applications contribute a lot to our daily processes. Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube – no individual can go on a day without using any of these apps.

However, there are thousands of other applications that we all are profoundly benefitting from daily. For example, the application of navigating maps has made it a hundred times easier to travel and use short routes. It is quite fun to use these apps, but the process behind manufacturing them is pretty crucial. There is an app language upon which the whole application relies. So, in short, android languages play an essential role in the technicalities of these apps. Without these languages, the apps won't work.

Programming Language For Android App Development

The mobile market has been expanding its wings since its launch. It has been peaking on innovative pinnacles of accomplishment and is now in great demand. However, when we talk about the mobile market, the applications go hand in hand. With the pump of the global mobile market, the android app languages got a boost as well. Hence, there is no doubt that these programming languages are more important than we think.

It has created a high demand for app developers and is an astonishing career to go for now. With each passing hour, thousands of applications launch, some on a big scale and some at a more grassroots level. However, out of that enormous amount, only a few flourish and stay relevant, while all the others meet the fate of being a flop.

The main thing to focus on while creating an android application is the framework, i.e., the language for app development. With many languages to choose from, it can be a little difficult to pick one for an app. It is the part where a lot of developers let confusion take over, and in the end, the application has to suffer. But, if you don't want your application to meet that end, we will list down the best programming language for your app development.


Java is one of the most common and oldest android app languages. Sun Microsystems launched it in early 1995, and it marked its footing in just a little duration. Now, it is the most effective android app language. These days, most of the applications on the google play store make Java language their base and coding input.

Java is an object-oriented, general-purpose language that can operate perfectly on several platforms with the help of JVM (Jave Virtual Machine). However, Java has a great set of benefits, but there are also certain cons to this android app language. For example, its code is relatively easy to read, making it an easier hacking subject. Besides that, it has a huge digital library, which is another shortcoming.


A few years back, Kotlin has declared the official app language for android apps. Google took this decision, and now all android apps are primarily based on this language. It is basically an alternative to Java and is used for many applications on several platforms. Moreover, this android app language caters to modern features and enables you to do functional programming.

Since its launch in 2017, Kotlin has been operating successfully since then. Not only is it a simple language, but it has also eradicated some of Java's unnecessary features. For example, with Kotlin, you don't have to worry about the null pointer expectations or the excessive stuffing of semicolons after every line. But, the major downside of this programming language is that it works at the speed of a tortoise.


Python is an excellent programming language for app development as it is very simple to read and learn. This android app language holds great importance in the eyes of developers as it comes with several benefits. However, it is an app language for cross-platforms, but you can easily use it on the operating system. Be it iOS or even android, you can use it without the need to switch languages.

The app developers majorly consider Python because of its quick speed. Other than that it has a vast amount of libraries. These libraries are easy to access and can help create an app. The libraries of Python include:

  • Web Socket
  • SQLite3
  • Xcode 2
  • It is not a hidden fact that Python is a user-friendly language, but all that glitter is not gold. There are also some detriments of this android app language. Instead of compiling everything at once, this programming language executes one line at a time. It makes the process a little complicated and time-consuming. Also, this language isn't apposite for big projects.


    C++ is widely popular, and thousands of developers use it for their android app development. However, it is a high-performance language that majorly focuses on apps and games that are heavy. Despite being the language used in games, it is object-oriented. So, it makes it easy to learn.

    C++ has been dominating the market for more than 40 years. It is because C++ spots bugs quickly and begets a high efficient performance. Another great quality of this android app language is that it supports two programming styles. Be it object-oriented or procedural-oriented. It can function smoothly on either of these. However, despite being beneficial for a lot of reasons, it also has certain disadvantages. For example, not all browsers support C++, which is its biggest drawback. And it can not operate on devices that have high RAM.


    C# is not like the other android app languages. It is currently one of the top running android app languages. Windows Phones are usually associated with the C# language as Microsoft created it in early 2000. C# is object-oriented and supports several other languages as well. It also supports libraries from other languages having different source codes. This android app language also allows the users to multitask and multi-thread.

    C# uses garbage collection to make the data more secure and avoid data loss. However, it is pretty similar to Java, but some of its features are entirely different. It is also not as easy as other programming languages as it has a lot of technicalities attained to it. So, if you want to use this language program, you would need some guidance.


    Dart is an optimized android app language that can function on any operating system. This programming language is actually a faster substitute for JavaScript. Dart is undoubtedly the best running language in the current times. It is an open-source language and allows the use of the Flutter framework that other languages don't offer.

    Another great feature of this android app language is that it designs applications quickly and in a shorter time. It makes the UI development easier; hence the whole process gets smoother. With Dart language, the codes are easily shared all over the world. Although it is a user-friendly language, its server focus is relatively low compared to other languages. Another drawback is that the core support domain is not impactful or strong.

    Final Thoughts

    App development has become a lucrative business in the modern world. If you look around, millions of apps are available on the play store, ready to be used. All of these apps are based on different languages, which vary entirely from one another. However, it is not hard to develop an application these days, but choosing a language can be demanding.

    So, if you ever think of developing an application and would be intrigued to know which is the best android app language? We have listed the best programming language for your android app development service. Not only will it help you in having a better understanding of each of these languages, but it also will tell you all about their features, perks, and limitations.