A Guide to Chatbot Marketing Automation for Sales & Marketing in 2023


According to research, 47% of the customers switch businesses because of disappointing customer support. A decent experience is important in engaging and winning customers' reliabilities. A chatbot marketing automation could save approximately $1.6 trillion of business.

With the number of active social media users exceeding more than 3.78 billion worldwide, social boarding and contracting have gone beyond customer service. A marketing chatbot can help teams be versatile, flexible, competent, and deliver appealing experiences that are appropriate and helpful to the consumer within the given time.

Social media networks such as Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and Google's Business Messages are growing globally. According to research, approximately 3.51 billion users use at least one social media network worldwide.

These messaging platforms are popular with customers for individual and business use. They are growing in acceptance in the mainstream for their free, user-friendly characteristics and features that are skeptical to their cellular phones and service providers.

WhatsApp, the world's largest instant messaging platform, has now extended to two billion users in more than 180 countries across the globe, sending and receiving approximately 100 million messages a day.

In addition, the interactions and chats on the WhatsApp application have a click-through rate of 98% compared to email messages, where the click-through rate is just 20% approximately.

It is no wonder why conversational marketing chatbot has motivated numerous advanced industries and businesses. It helps multiply their return of investment (ROI) and influences consumers where they are now, spending their time involved in discussions with brands.

What Are Chatbots?

A chatbot is an automated software system that connects and converses with human beings through instant text messages. Conversational marketing chatbots allow the system to talk with users online. The purpose of Chatbot is to provide information to multiple users within seconds on various sites.

Chatbots were introduced in 1967; it has evolved with new codes and algorithms to connect easily with the users to spread information. Chatbots are introduced on several digital and social platforms smartly through Artificial Intelligence and other algorithms.

The organizations aim to gain conversions, provide excellent customer services, and answer users' queries without human intervention.

Importance of Chatbots

Chatbots surround humans like a shadow in offering several operational services. They are programmed with machine language to understand human answers, choices, and emotional behaviors.

With this, the Chatbot system analyses the options, searches, and queries customers have asked several times to reply to them with their desired answers. They ease the customer services representatives' tasks to some extent. However, they are not designed to replace human interaction with customers online.

Here are some key statistics that can mark the significance of chatbots:

  • Chatbots can decrease operational costs by 30%.
  • 64% of online buyers say the most important advantage of Chatbots is their 24-hour availability.
  • Approximately 37% of the people globally use a Chatbot as an alternative to getting swift answers.
  • Chatbots can respond to 80% of dynamic and characteristic questions.
  • Chatbot Automation?

    Chatbots are innovative systems with a rule-based algorithm to maintain their functionality and manage tasks. It can work on multiple websites and applications at one time. Moreover, it assists humans in performing complex or ordinary functions within a few seconds. In business, Chatbots are segregated into three classifications.

  • Menu-based Chatbots
  • Keyword Identifying Chatbots
  • Contextual Chatbots
  • Types of Marketing Chatbot Automation

    Artificial intelligence (AI) powered chatbots can contribute to the business in many ways to achieve operational automation, such as collecting user information, organizing callbacks and meetings, driving lead generation, reducing individual costs, and responding to customer queries. Five basic types of chatbot automation include:

  • Customer Service
  • FAQ Assistance & Site Navigation
  • Employee Enablement
  • Lead Generation
  • Transactional Actions
  • What is Chatbot Marketing

    Chatbot marketing, generally termed Messenger Marketing, empowers businesses to connect with consumers, prospects, and Customers. Additionally, it is one of the most trending marketing types in the digital marketing field.

    The business industry is driving stunning results as they have significantly augmented their communications with consumers and existing customers. As a result, several businesses and startups implemented the trend of chatbot marketing to connect with their customers.

    As a result, this has helped them build a relationship with their customers and potential audience and obtain preference over the competitors.

    Benefits of Marketing Automation Chatbot

    A marketing automation chatbot is a method of promoting services and products online using a chatbot. This automated application holds interactions with users through a programmed scenario or with the help of artificial intelligence.

    Popular brands develop this computer-generated subordinate with a chatbot builder and integrate it with instant messaging applications like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat, etc., or integrate them into their website. Some benefits of marketing automation Chatbot include:

  • Fits any business Boosts engagement
  • Provides a quick response
  • It gives data for analysis
  • It saves time and money
  • Helps segment traffic
  • Helps in lead nurturing
  • Speeds up the payment process
  • What Can Marketing Automation Chatbot Help You With?

    Chatbots help businesses increase user engagement and crack consumers' problems to a high level. It promises the progression of revenues but, simultaneously, requires responsibility and accountability. Chatbot marketing can help your business with:

  • Customer support
  • Making orders
  • Sharing news and updates
  • Scheduling meetings
  • Tracking orders
  • Why Are Chatbots Essential for Businesses?

    Chatbots can interact and communicate with humans through instant live chat and other chat-based or voice-based systems. The user interface (UI) of chatbots could be developed as voice-based or text-based, or a combination of both.

    Artificial intelligence (AI) powers the majority of operational chatbots today, delivering a more natural and personalized customer experience to enhance business and improve customer service engagement. Some of the important reasons are:

  • 24 x 7 Online Service
  • A Face to The Business
  • Rapid Responses to The Queries
  • Increase Business Sales and Revenue
  • Look for the Right Service or Product
  • Gain Customers Insight
  • Chatbots and Other Industries
  • Take Follow-up and Re-engage with the customers
  • Chatbot Marketing Automation

    Let us look at chatbot and marketing automation possibilities for a business in 2022:

    Convert Pre-Qualified Leads with Conversational Marketing Chatbots

    Pre-qualified leads can be converted easily with conversational marketing chatbots. In addition, Chatbots can be organized in a conversational tone through instant social messaging applications.

    Unlike outdated website lead generation forms, the information provided by users can be composed and stored as traits even when they pull off in the middle of the conversation. In addition, the chatbot will direct a prompt if the user pulls off, which can help bring the user back into the conversation and re-engage them.

    Create a Natural & Personalized Experience

    Chatbots can be organized to make the communication with visitors more natural and personal by addressing them with their first and last name and utilizing the other information, such as their previous purchases or orders, to produce more personalized answers.

    The more you are aware of your consumers and customers, the more you can succeed and correctly reside them in your conversion funnel. By looking at the significant consumer characteristics, you can segment the consumers into relevant groups to pursue them by starting a conversation on promotions and personalized products.

    Create a Hybrid Approach (Artificial Intelligence & Human Approach)

    A marketing chatbot is good at deflecting devalued monotonous questions. For complicated queries, a live chat can be prompted, and the requirement can be directed to the concerned professional for a concern based on firm predetermined guidelines and parameters.

    The chatbot can be skilled in perceiving feelings and purchase intents and then directing a possible consumer to the most appropriate sales individual to seal a conversion. Likewise, if the customer has a problem with the product, a similar procedure can also direct them to the customer support individual.

    This reduces customer time, as they do not need to describe the concern or query to various agents, and they are immediately allotted the most capable professional. This can also help to grow customer satisfaction and build trust and loyalty.

    Expand Your Community Management & Engagement on Social Media

    Activate an automated reply to a consumer's comments on your business's social media post. Simultaneously, send an individual message to the user to check out and follow up with a user instantly.

    The Chatbot can also systematize a Facebook Live giveaway or a lucky draw. A Marketing automation chatbot can authenticate and reveal prizes instantaneously based on filled forms and comments.

    Drip Promotion & Registrations

    Once a user initiates a chat, your business can run drip advertising and marketing through chat to power a chain of follow-up questions with users. Chatbots can drive one-on-one or two-way conversations with users, supervising them along their journey.

    This can contain personalized suggestions, concession or discount vouchers, and product endorsements. In addition, these chats can further help them in decision making, navigating customers towards a route that marks higher conversion rates to meet or exceed the marketing key performance indicator (KPIs).

    Seven Ways to Use Marketing and Chatbots Automation

    According to research by Forbes, approximately 35.6 million users in the United States use voice-based chatbot assistants at least once each month. Based on the recent trends, here is an inside scoop on valuable combinations of chatbots and marketing automation and chatbots that you can develop to get a better return of investment (ROI) in 2022.

    Lead Generation

    With the data growing at an instant pace globally, it can be not easy to track down the customers you need - the people who are looking for you and your products or services as much as you need them.

    Though you can gather and filter big data and attempt to execute your findings, when it comes to physical leads, a different type of chatbot might be what you should be looking for. This is because businesses frequently depend too heavily on the traditional landing page to generate new leads.

    The marketing team crafts a piece of valuable technical information or a clickable advertisement. When the users click the given link, they are forsaken onto a website page that flares them with multiple product sales points or magnets out their personal information, including the contact details. However, those website page leads are marked as weak and unqualified.

    The best approach could be to use the data collection software program as you naturally would categorize the demographic for your potential audience; and then, rather than dragging them to a sales-driven website page, engage their attention by presenting a supportive chatbot.

    Once you execute chatbots all over your website and social media channels, you are going to discover that your business has a lot of relevant and different data coming in from your website and social media channels.

    Tools like ChatMetrics and BotMetrics can benefit you in analyzing chatbot functions and chats to enhance customers' experience and pull helpful decisions about your marketing struggles. Firstly, you can utilize the data from your chatbot dialogues to make the chatbots function better.

    With a mixture of programming tools and human involvement, you can discover chatbot logs and classify keywords and phrases that competitors use. You can modify the prompts and responses of your marketing chatbot to give it a spontaneous and natural feel.

    You can then include those frequently used keywords and phrases into your promotion and marketing campaigns and website landing page content to enhance SEO and link better with customers.

    Continuous Customer Support

    There is a possibility that you previously did not have the resources to provide instant responses to consumer queries and 24/7 live support to your customers. With well-designed chatbots marketing automation, you can now offer instant support to your potential audience, much cheaper and quicker than the 24/7 human customer support representatives.

    You can also utilize your marketing automation tools to gather consumer data about high-traffic spells or times when your business experience higher customer support call volume. Then, make a plan that powers both chatbots and human existence to accommodate customer service capability.

    Customer Association

    Some enterprises have started to use chatbots more severely on their social media platforms. For example, an organization might set up an Instagram or Facebook Messenger Chatbot that can offer instant response directly to the audience who comment on the Instagram or Facebook post.

    A consumer who asks a specific question or indicates a particular product can receive a swift automated reply, a follow-up call, or an email. To achieve this kind of instant and familiar association with the audience, you can blend the facilities of a decent marketing chatbot with your automated email marketing software.

    Effective Sales

    What if a customer comes across a chatbot on your social media page or website, engages with it, and then pulls off without purchasing a product? You need to take that interaction through the marketing chatbot and follow up with a discount offer email or text message to attract your wandering audience to come back and make a purchase!

    Thanks to email automation and the companies providing this service, you can now pre-arrange automated email discounts and send them to all the customers who interact with the chatbot and leave without making a purchase.

    Those consumers will be delighted and amazed that your business noticed and followed them, and the chances of them coming back to make a purchase of your product or service will be much higher.

    Fragment Potential Customers

    If you have understood a perfect customer journey, the various steps your potential audience should be taking as they progress through the buying process with your business, you have likely decided that each targeted consumer or customer will interact with your business in their way.

    If one of your potential customer fragments includes premature adopters, you may have a better opportunity to connect with them through an early acquisition.

    Suppose one of your potential customer fragments also includes people with an age of around 30 years that are progressing in their careers. In that case, you may have better achievement by putting them on a client journey path intended for on-the-go experts.

    Launch a Product

    Suppose you are a business tycoon or working within a marketing team to assist with product or service promotions. In that case, you need to think about using a marketing chatbot to promote your next product or service.

    Here are some ideas to launch a variety of products through marketing chatbot:

  • You can place advertisements on the website for a physical product and then direct incoming traffic to a marketing chatbot as an alternative to your website. You can also include surveys, videos, interactive quizzes, etc. Once the user is ready to make a purchase, they can even do it through the chatbot, as the majority of chatbot platforms have built-in payment processing methods.
  • A marketing Chatbot is ideal for interacting with potential customers before and after purchasing a digital product. Your Chatbot can collect the email address and the contact number of the potential customer, and they can be reached whenever possible.
  • You need to follow up on the purchases made by the audience, physical or digital, through the chatbot. Chatbots can ask for customers' feedback, and they can direct the customers to a review site for an online review.
  • Effective Conclusion

    The future of chatbots is bright with more innovative systems in providing options in payment, menu bars, replies, and several options in various industries. In addition, the plans will be improved in implementing symbolic conversation, linguistic values, and improvisations in NLP methods will help the system to work rapidly in sharing information to the potential audience.

    Automated marketing is not a standardized process. Your social media and chatbot functionalities should emphasize your consumers' needs by incorporating the customizable options mentioned above to suit your business and industry.

    With approximately 3.09 billion people using the different messaging applications worldwide, you can take advantage of it and include marketing chatbot and instant social messaging as part of your automated chatbot and marketing strategy.