AI-Based HR Chatbots for Enhanced Pre-Screening Processes & Smooth Onboarding


Artificial Intelligence (AI) has revolutionized human life with several accessible operations, including Chatbots. During the Pandemic time, people worked tirelessly in offices and homes to start their new business and hire people with efficiency.

Chatbots interrupt the screening process and make it easier for the human resources (HR) department to pre-screen the applications according to their needs and requirements. So that when they are stepping up for the hiring process, they have an accurate person for the job.

Nowadays, AI-automated programs are getting astute and intelligent with data empowerment and user experiences. The HR Chatbots are picking up the quickest lifestyle better capable way. Did you know that more than 90% of human resource teams agree Chatbots will be extremely vital for going forward?

These Chatbots have been introduced in the Human Resource program to ensure accurate candidate screening, recruiting services, scheduling interviews, and replying to multiple candidates at the moment with clever efficiency.

The AI Automates software works better for the pre-screening and recruiting process. Chatbots for HR help companies to pre-screen the resumes and then schedule the interview with the person.

Moreover, two-thirds of the businesses feel that their employees are happy using Chatbots, as it helps while conducting their daily tasks. This pre-screening ensures that all the candidates are accurate for the job position; they have the required qualifications, experiences, and skills.

If not, the candidate may receive an email regarding the qualification criteria from the company. According to research, more than 55% of candidates felt comfortable communicating with Chatbots during the hiring and onboarding process.

How Are HRs Facing These Challenges?

Human resources are not limited to administrative. However, they also work as the strategic partner for business, a communicator, etc. Before they filled the transitional role, they took on transformational roles.

The HR professionals are loaded with repetitive tasks that may not require their expertise or any creativity. But they do need time and a system to manage the job. With continuing the daily task, HR faces a challenge at every step.

Like in the hiring process, so many considerable people apply for a job, and the HR team or manager has to look for the perfect candidate for the job by reading their resumes carefully. Then, they are responsible for selecting or rejecting these candidates and letting them know their answers.

In this process, HR needs to gather a lot of information after screening the resumes, and then from scheduling the interview until selection, HR plays a vital role in it.

There is some time when HR is managing the high volumes of resumes, few candidates' descriptions do not match the company's requirements, and still, HR is in pain of asking the same questions to all candidates.

Engagement of Chatbots in Hiring

Human resources are given these responsibilities to hire or fire some candidates. It is one of the real jobs for them. These jobs are sometimes a big headache, so this alternative is to appoint a bot to take these responsibilities. A Chatbot increases the quality of candidates by shortlisting them. It saves time and money bot. Moreover, the bot endorses inclusivity and variety.

Incredible Five HR Chatbot Features

The Chatbot is the easy answer to all HR headaches and repetitive tasks. HR is responsible for so many jobs, which are mostly repeated. Accordingly, the more repetitive tasks, like employing or terminating, are tasks we can program in a Chatbot to handle as per need.

It can provide 24/7 services; unlike humans who get tired, bots are attentive. Lower cost and self-services are the most reliable methods to work on and trust while looking at the HR Chatbot Features below.

  • Interaction
  • Mature Conversation
  • Trained in Emotional Intelligence
  • Deployment through Omnichannel
  • Easy human take-over
  • Interaction

    The Chatbot must be customized and must have a master of conversations. The chat conversation must not be dull or persuasive. Instead, it should be responsive and conversationalist.

    People can interact and gather more information regarding the organization and vacant positions through the conversational Chatbot. With the right script for Chatbot, it can make a fantastic assistant for the customer or job seekers. This will be a significant discovery, and right away, a Chatbot will be considered valid and always available for Hr assistance.

    Every other company can design the Chatbot as per their need and still have an HR. But, of course, the Chatbot will be programmed with more tedious tasks to perform and maybe with new jobs as time passes. Also, it can contact professionals for some critical cases or managerial positions.

    Mature Conversation

    In the Chatbot revolution, A Chatbot can be as mature as a human being; attending to the consultation and knowing their level of maturity is a simple task. The customizable Chatbot needs to be trained to do these tasks and analyze them to look for the appropriate candidate for its progress.

    Insights of Chatbot will be packed with analyzing data, and then we can do edits if needed. An example can be taken of SIRI in iPhone, it the voice assistant for the users, they can request it to dial a number or open an app or answer any random question.

    Trained In Emotional Intelligence

    With the help of sentiment analysis, Chatbot can respond well when the audiences express their feeling like anger or happiness. Of course, emotions are a valuable part of human life, and understanding them is sometimes difficult for even humans, but the Chatbot can always try.

    Meanwhile, the Chatbot is a prime interface between your work and customers; you can create a connection between your customers and chatbots. With the help of introducing software or distinct programs, chatbots can handle all the interactions and emotional intelligence while conversing with employees.

    It is hard to build a connection between bots and humans; however, Artificial Intelligence Chatbots can always surprise you. These bots are very effective in advanced technological organizations. Some big organizations like IBM & Microsoft; are using it to entertain their customers with easy and quick services.

    Deployment through Omnichannel

    Social media channels are always helpful for businesses. Many people follow the business world from their phones and sometimes adapt or switch interests. Being absent on social media can be harmful; you can lose customers. The Chatbot can be deployed to the channels for surveillance, and by this, you can observe the changes or new trends to get an alert on it.

    People spend more of their daytime on social media apps, and several businesses take advantage of this connection. For example, several advertising agencies place their ads on Social media to gain engagements and interactions with the audience.

    For the moment, the bot is monitoring, but we can also assign a task to post the ads, review its comments, and answer its questions. For a human, it is difficult to filter the words and then answer them; meanwhile, the bot can filter these in less time and answer to only those who seem interested and trying to get some info.

    Easy Human Take-Over

    As explained in the above points, HR Chatbots are designed with specific programs to help humans in their professional life. They take over the tedious task from HR and help them sort out several administrative and organizational problems.

    The Chatbot can help you avoid frustration in a few categories, but complexity and urgency are the only things people attend. Hence, bots are human assistants in offices and several other platforms to manage their tasks, reply to queries, and sort out relevant company information for the audience.

    Benefits of HR Chatbots for the Recruiters and Employees life

    HR Chatbots offer proper assistance in screening accurate candidates for the jobs rapidly. It is easier and more accessible for these bots as they have human-like conversational capabilities. Chatbots for HR have to fathom the challenges faced by candidates and HRs of the company. Therefore, AI designers and developers have solved HR problems through Chatbots.

    These HR Chatbots work for multiple candidates on multiple platforms swiftly. It replies, screens, and schedules the candidates' interviews within the moments. Now the candidates would no longer wait for the confirmation or rejection call. Instead, they will get their desired information through HR operations Chatbots. Here is the list of benefits HR Chatbot is providing.

  • Easy configuration
  • Participant Invitation
  • Easy Data Collections
  • Candidate Screening
  • Quick Responses
  • Easy Configuration

    The organizational requirements and needs are updated in Chatbots when recruiting. This database includes questions they would like to ask the candidates for specific positions, the number of vacancies available in the department, and who must be hired for the post are some of the crucial tasks done by the HR Chatbots.

    Here, the initial and straightforward job for the HR depart would be to enter the information regarding vacancies and required skills in the Chatbots so that suitable candidates can fill out the form and apply for the vacant position.

    Participant Request

    Chatbots for HR empowers HR to entertain candidates individually and in bulk, when necessary. It provides relevant and appropriate information to the candidate for the vacant position. With the help of AI software, the emails are sorted according to the departmental vacancies and placements.

    These bots are effectively advancing their ways to demonstrate more activities and gather more candidates at a time. This will reduce the manual HR hassle for a long time.

    Easy Data Collections

    Chatbots' HR operation provides a fantastic candidate experience with easy access and use. In addition, these bots are website-friendly and mobile-friendly; therefore, they have a valuable conversational environment for the candidates.

    It demonstrates two-way communication services to resolve candidates' issues and help them find their desired positions. The Chatbot communication is auto-saved information, which can be paused and continued whenever a candidate needs and resolve their queries.

    Candidate Screening

    As the conversation between the candidate and HR Chatbot continues, the data is updated simultaneously to provide accurate information to the candidate. This helps the human resource departments analyze the data with date, time, and messages recorded by the Chatbot.

    In addition, this task assists the HR department in recruiting candidates based on the gained information.

    Quick Responses

    With the help of Chatbots, candidates can gain a response within seconds, and they do not have to wait long enough for a day or two to access the organizational information.

    Chatbot saves time for HR and candidates with its rapid responsiveness and appropriate database systems. In addition, this system ensures no biased approvals and promotes diversity within the organization.

    Six HR Chatbot Use Cases

    The HR or Human Resource Department does not appoint, terminate, or work out on the payrolls now in every organization. However, as the organizations are growing and expanding, the role of HR is also expanding.

    Nowadays, a human resource management team works with brands and business executives, interacts with different companies, and maintains partner relationships with their talents. In addition, they work as the eyes and ears of the organization and maintain the discipline of the organization and its employees.

    With the help of the HR Chatbots system, HR teams can use them as assistance for their services. These conversational bots can ease the monotonous tasks of the HR team. It can communicate with tens of thousands of employees at one time and recruit them according to the organization's needs.

    Here are some of the vital HR Chatbot use cases for every HR team member to use for the firm's progress.

  • Recruitment and onboarding
  • Conversational Agents
  • Request management and transactional support
  • Learning and developments
  • Performance-based management
  • Evaluate Employee Satisfaction and Engagement
  • Recruitment And Onboarding

    With the assistance of HR Chatbots, the HR department can sort out maximum applications appropriately and productively according to the vacant positions. This will encourage merit-based shortlisting and interviewing scheduling systems.

    It will assist and empower organizations to interact with millions of employees and accommodate their queries and requests. It also makes viable streamlined choices by avoiding unnecessary requests and steps for new hires.

    Communication Representatives

    Spreading information regarding the organization's vacancies is one task HR does through several professional hiring platforms. For example, through Chatbots, people can gain information regarding vacant positions in the department and apply for the post.

    These intelligent and on-point programs can respond to any queries at a time on multiple platforms. They comprehend the context and reply with an appropriate answer to the person.

    Moreover, these systems have amalgamate information regarding the vacant position and the organization to educate the person. Therefore, the seekers can gain relevant information about the industry through the HR Bots.

    Request Management And Transactional Support

    These bots can help HR managers and their team to monitor employees' shift times. Track leaves, disciplinary actions, and staff manners through the system. It can help them gain experience of the organization workflow and track the managerial behavior and professionalism around the clock.

    With the help of Chatbots in the HR department, it can also manage and follow the administration work like scheduling and updating the calendars of the managers and company's events and expenditures, etc.

    Learning And Developments

    They can maintain business calendars for employees to be trained and renew their skills and qualifications within the time for the prosperity of the firm. In addition, they can suggest training to the departments according to their progress and employees' work.

    Additionally, they can track the time of their learning, module completion, and quizzes results. It will help the employees to run with the trend and work with the world's advancements.

    Performance-Based Management

    Similar to the learning and development task, it can manage the professionalism of the employees and maintain work efficiency. It can evaluate the task performances, analyze the month or week results, and share it with the employee for better work. It can also monitor and access evaluations annually for raises and promotion in the company.

    Evaluate Employee Satisfaction And Engagement

    The system's intelligence can access emotional and traumatic sessions to identify the leniency in the tasks. It can also evaluate the employees' morale through different activities to understand the position of the employees in the organization.

    The results can be shared with the persons on personal emails and confidential. It can improve the employees' behavioral, emotional, and psychological environment to work in a relaxing and comfortable aura.


    With the help of the HR services desk Chatbot, the firm is improving its hiring and retiring systems. These systems are not only helping HR teams maintain their tasks but also helping them create new opportunities and training for the company's existing employees.

    Chatbots are one of the helping hands for organizations, schools, and several other platforms to manage the audience on various levels. Several firms are addressing the monotonous tasks of the days through these Chatbots.

    Moreover, allowing humans to earn more skills to perform well in their departments and look after other tasks can support employees in their professional lives.