A Guide to Custom Chatbot Development & Integrations – 2022


Did you know that 27% of consumers are attracted to Artificial Intelligence (AI) support tools? Chatbots or Artificial Intelligence (AI) bots, chat subordinates, or circumstantial subordinates are unarguably one of the fast-growing developments today across all businesses.

Chatbots surround humans like a shadow in offering several operational services. They are programmed with machine language to understand human answers, choices, and emotional behaviors.

Chatbots, generally termed talk bots, are Artificial Intelligence AI-powered software programs that interact with humans. Chatbots can simulate natural and spontaneous conversations. In addition, they can answer queries, solve customer issues, and provide 24/7 customer support.

2016 was declared the Year of the Chatbots. As a result, hundreds of businesses have started using custom chatbots for websites and other social media platforms to interact and communicate with their customers through WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, Instagram, Slack, Google Assistant, etc.

Laying careful thought into your chatbot's user interface (UI) is the primary phase. With approximately 1.4 billion people using chatbots globally, it is vital to identify your chatbot user interface's characterization, role, and prospects (UI).

What Are Chatbots?

A chatbot is an automated software system that connects and converses with human beings through instant text messages. Conversational marketing chatbots allow the system to talk with users online. The purpose of a chatbot is to provide information to multiple users within seconds on various sites.

Chatbots were introduced in 1967; it has evolved with new codes and algorithms to connect easily with the users to spread information. Chatbots are introduced on several digital and social platforms smartly through Artificial Intelligence and other algorithms.

The organizations aim to gain conversions, provide excellent customer services, and answer users' queries without human intervention.

How Do Chatbots Function?

The key expertise behind chatbots is Natural language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning. When a chatbot asks a query, a sequence of compound algorithms process the conventional input, recognize the user query, and regulate the answer appropriate to the question based on the available information.

Chatbots have to depend on the capability of the algorithms to perceive the difficulty of both text and verbal communication. However, some chatbots perform splendidly, so it becomes hard to differentiate whether the communication is done with humans or machines.

How You Can Utilize Chatbots for Your Business & Brand

Chatbots help businesses increase user engagement and crack consumers' problems to a high level. It promises the progression of revenues but, simultaneously, requires responsibility and accountability. Chatbot marketing can help your business with:

  • Tracking orders
  • Customer support
  • Making orders
  • Sharing news and updates
  • Scheduling meetings

Three Steps to Custom Chatbot Development

The steps mentioned below will benefit you in choosing the right type of chatbots for your brand.

Step 01 - Research

The first step to choosing the right chatbot is to research what type of artificial intelligence capabilities you are looking for in a chatbot. Next, you need to find a chatbot system that can acquire interactions and acclimatize to future circumstances without any human interference.

However, this will be a one-time exercise as your chatbot will use the data from each communication and enhance its capabilities.

Step 02 - Personalization of Chatbots

Chatbot integration with the website and your digital set-up will let you develop a tailored and personalized operational experience for the users. For example, your chatbot will acquire information from your consumer's online actions on your website and categorize what each consumer is searching for.

You need to ensure that your chatbot structure has sufficient training to deal with the possible situations and queries linked to your brand. According to research, 32% of the users say that their communication and interaction with chatbots has been disappointing due to lack of helpfulness and unclear information and results.

Step 03 - The Design Phase

You do not need to transform a chatbot system's user interface (UI). Instead, you can utilize the ideas collected from other competitors and modify them as per your requirements. For example, you can modify the images and the interface's color to differentiate the system from them.

Integrating analytical text, projected replies, and autocorrect can be beneficial. You can also get ready-made tailor-made chatbot systems.

Chatbot Design

Once you are accustomed to conversational UI's elementary pillars and practical elements, you need to discern your chatbot. However, there are a few steps that must be done before you get to the mechanical part of developing a proper and human-centric chat flow:

Describe the Audience

It is crucial to conduct compact research at the initial stage to save you from making key deviations when your chatbot is already set up. You can start by inquiring and responding to a few vital questions:

  • Who is your target audience?
  • What could be their possible problems, needs, and demands?
  • How do they try to crack these difficulties and accomplish their goals?
  • Which disputes and expressions could they use to converse about these actions and tasks?
  • What kinds of circumstances or conditions activate these movements?
  • What could be their framework?

Outline the Character and Category of Your Chatbot

When describing what use cases to aim for and what kind of chatbot to use, you need to reflect on:

  • Technical restrictions
  • Level of struggle required
  • Timeline
  • Budget

You can opt for Artificial Intelligence (AI) based chatbots and Regulation-base chatbots.

How to Implement a Chatbot System

The major challenge you could face is integrating chatbot with the website and into your existing network smoothly, whether you develop a new system or go for a ready-made chatbot system. In addition, it entails severe testing to develop your new chatbot's performance, whether an application, a website or any other immersive product or service.

Furthermore, it will also let you modify the chatbot's features and functions for the best user collaboration and experience. However, there are three major stages of chatbot integration into your organization's existing environment.

Seamless Integration

The performance of chatbot depends on the fact that how well you integrate chatbot with the website and your overall network. For example, some chatbot structures only need to offer a Call-to-Action (CTA) to a user; others may need to perform more composite responsibilities.

Hence, it would be best to make sure that the chatbot is fully integrated into the network to accomplish the task you plan.

Engaging the Appropriate Team

Chatbots are becoming progressively self-regulating and automated. However, it would be best if you had a team to steer the systematic end of the structure. For example, if you use a chatbot system for a better customer services experience, you still require an expert team to ensure that chatbot passes on questions to the right customer service team.

Management and Evaluation

Your job is not done after the chatbot system is installed and deployed. Therefore, you need to keep an eye on its execution and conduct. The best way is to reach out to the users and get their feedback on communication and interaction with your chatbots.

Why Are Chatbots Essential for Businesses?

Chatbots can communicate with humans through live chat and several other messaging systems. The user interface of chatbots could be text-based, voice-based, or a mix of both. Artificial intelligence (AI) powers the bulk of chatbots today, providing a more natural and personalized customer experience to improve business and enhance service engagement. Some of the important reasons are discussed below.

24 x 7 Online Service

It is challenging to keep a business open 24 hours a day, especially for small and medium-sized firms. However, through chatbots, small and large firms can enhance their activities by staying connected with the audience. These online chatting services will provide a good impression regarding connectivity.

A Face to the Business

With chatbots, businesses can present themselves as a physical body. Before connecting with the company, several users connect with the chat online box to gather business information. As a result, it influences customers' work decisions and interacts more with the business employees.

Rapid Responses to the Queries

Providing fast responses to all of the inquiries, on the other hand, is nearly complicated, especially for human agents. On the other hand, chatbots give you the ability to respond to several questions to multiple users at any time.

Increase Business Sales and Revenue

Chatbots are an automated solution that enables your company to manage more client inquiries than ever before. However, suppose the business presents a customer service solution by human labor.

In that case, it will undoubtedly limit to a small number of satisfied consumers because the capacity of humans to complete a task is much less than software. Therefore, if a business employs chatbot in addition to human CSR, it can simply extend the procedures without disturbing the maximum amount of text messages and phone calls.

Look for the Right Service or Product

For E-commerce businesses, there will be cases when customers seek support in selecting the suitable product or service for their budget and needs. This often happens when customers are looking for cost-effective products or have not had enough exposure to a product or domain.

Gain Customers Insight

Through chatbots, the business can gain insights into the customers' behaviors and buying and decision-making powers. As a result, it will enhance the engagement levels and help the company create strategies for capturing more audiences.

It will also help businesses analyze their performance and rapidness in providing appropriate answers to potential customers. These insights are beneficial for the products and services; they will assist the team in working on progressing strategies to make them more valuable for the audience.

Chatbots and Other Industries

These chatbots can be used in health industries, agriculture, E-Commerce, Digital education, and several other media-related industries. For example, this chatbot can be used to provide registration information for traveling, medical registration, doctor's appointment, online and offline banking services, and climatic and weather conditions of specific locations.

Furthermore, it can clarify admissions, fee payment information, and ongoing class inquiries to the students for educational and other purposes.

Take Follow-Up and Re-Engage with the Customers

With the help of immediate feedback, the chatbot can follow up with the user online and can deal with re-engaging users. By engaging, these chatbots can increase the volume of connection with the brands and reiterate their buying decisions for new products.

Chatbot API Integration

Like humans use UIs to communicate with apps and execute actions, chatbots need an Application Programming Interface (API) as a computation interface to interact with the backend structure and diverse applications.

The grip of chatbots in Conversational artificial intelligence cannot be recognized without the chatbot API integration. Application Programming Interface (APIs) assists chatbots in connecting and communicating with multiple applications. This styles it easier for brands to embrace user data obtained from multiple channels. Some well-known chatbot API integrations are:

  • Facebook Messenger API
  • Telegram API.
  • Hangouts Chat API.
  • WhatsApp API integration
  • Slack API integration
  • HubSpot API integration

Chatbot Live Chat Integration

Chatbots and live chat work collaboratively to provision unforced and easy interaction between customers and agents. Here are a few basic rules for chatbot live chat integration:

  • Chatbots become one of your representatives and take a seat to respond to live chats.
  • Chatbots can transfer chats to customer support representatives, and they can hand over the chats back to the Chatbot once the issue has been resolved.
  • Chatbots and the system archives all interactions and conversations with a Chatbot so you can go back to the conversations with the customers when needed.

Chatbots Automation Trends In 2022

It is understood that businesses require chatbots to increase their engagement growth and create awareness worldwide. However, in 2022, some predicted trends will increase the competition in the industry and introduce more options to the customers for easy connection.

  • Talking / voice Bots
  • Payment Operations – Transactions Through Chatbots
  • Answer More Human-like
  • Multilingual Chatbots
  • Social Media Engagement For Brands
  • Predictive Analytics

Things to Consider for Custom Chatbot Development & Integrations

What Instant Messaging Channels Are You Looking to Integrate?

Firstly, you need to choose the instant messaging channels where your customers can interact with your chatbot. While Skype and Facebook Messenger are very successful – Slack, and Google Assistant, are growing swiftly.

It would be best to initiate by developing a simple bot on one social media platform while it is still in its beginning so that when users understand the importance of these bots – you will already be forward of your competitors.

Use Case Complexity

Chatbots can systematize modest tasks like sending out notices and announcements or even responding to basic queries such as telling business hours, dates, weather, etc.

However, when looking at complex and more advanced interactions and communications, chatbots can become inadequate and imperfect in what they can do.

Analyzing Business Model

With chatbots, you can automate interaction and communication with your customers and provide them with essential information about your brand. This interaction can happen through an application, SMS, website, email, or even through WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, etc.

Importance of Building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)?

Chatbots can help launch or reboot your service or product by early engagement with real users. chatbot's excellence in marketing and advertising services and products is another use case.

This can be done through familiar applications that carry brand tone, copy prevailing conversations between consumers and support representatives of the business, respond to FAQs about the products and services, etc.

How much time do you have?

Similar to developing any other application, producing an independent and self-sufficient chatbot needs a substantial amount of time, determination, and effort.

Do you Need Integration Capabilities?

You need to integrate your chatbot with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to use it in your marketing and sales process. For example, your chatbot can trigger customers to inquire about certain information they may need before interacting or communicating with a customer support representative.


Chatbots came into the act abruptly, and it does not look like they will be going away any time shortly. Developing and designing chatbots and chatbot UI design entails an extensive modification in the way developers and designers contemplate these new conversational UI interfaces.

If you think that automation will scare consumers away from your brand, contemplate that 48% of customers already feel contented with communications succeeded by website chatbots. In addition, 71% of customers state that they would be pleased to communicate to a chatbot to provide a better customer experience.

The points mentioned above will help you develop a better understanding of the development and importance of a chatbot. Use case after use case; the consequences demonstrate that, if done appropriately, custom chatbot development can have a huge constructive influence on the eminence of customer experience.